It's not scary to sell around Halloween!

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Everyone thinks spring is the best time to sell a house. But the truth is, any time of year is a great time of year to sell a house — for varying reasons. Every season has a host of reasons and benefits for sellers to put their house on the market.

But October offers up some truly unique advantages for homeowners looking to sell! Here are 5 lighthearted (yet solid) reasons for you to sell your house around Halloween!

1) You’ll eat less candy

It’s easy to pack on a few pounds in the weeks running up to trick-or-treat night! That bowl full of snack-sized candy is hard to resist every time you walk by.

House hunters aren’t immune to the lure of the candy bowl either! So each buyer that comes to see your house is at least one less piece of candy you’ll consume.

Pro tip: the more appealing your price, the more buyers come through, which means the less candy you’ll eat.


2) Less cleaning

It’s pretty basic advice, but you really want to make sure your house is as clean and well-maintained as possible when you’re selling it. But if you’ve got some broken windows, dust, and cobwebs, people may just think you’ve done a realistic job of decorating!


3) More exposure

Young children are often accompanied by their parents while trick-or-treating. So every costumed kid you get coming to your front door is also an opportunity to expose your house to a potential buyer (who may or may not be drinking alcohol in that red Solo cup they’re carrying.) So splurge and buy the full-size candy bars to attract as many kids as possible!


4) Gotta ghost?

Believe it or not, having a ghost haunting your house could actually be a selling feature for some buyers. But most buyers aren’t all that keen on buying an actual haunted house, even if the ghost is friendly. So if you have one, Halloween is a great time to hide your ghost in plain sight! People may just think you sprung for one of those hologram machines at the Spirit Halloween store.

Disclaimer: Consult your local real estate professional as to whether or not you have to disclose the existence of a ghost to potential buyers. It varies by location.


5) Oops! I thought it was a mask…

Some agents aren’t great about updating their professional headshots, and the first time you meet them in person, it’s easy to be taken aback by how different they look from the picture you saw on their card or website. So interviewing agents around Halloween gives you the golden opportunity to call them out on it by asking them if they just came from a costume party, ‘cause it looks like they must be wearing a mask!